I wonder if there is anything I can do to help the situation in Ferguson using my technology skills. Like make an app that helps people… or collects and shares info. Idk o__o

We’re staying on the Fermilab campus. Just went on a night run around one of the world’s largest particle colliders 😁

Going to Chicago this weekend so I can rock climb at the new Vertical Endeavors. It will be the biggest climbing gym in the country :D

erikawithac replied to your post: I went biking with a few friends tonig…

he was washing his clothes! beating yr laundry is one way to get the excess water out by hand so it dries faster. he might not have access to laundry machines and things, or just be extremely crunchy or in some kind of laundromergency

That is very reasonable. I was thinking either that or he drunkenly went swimming with his clothes on, and then wanted to dry his shirt off before going home or something haha

I went biking with a few friends tonight and we passed by a park that has a few pools/waterfalls. And there was this guy that was naked and just slapping a park bench with a wet shirt, over and over again. He stopped for a few seconds as we rode past but afterwards we heard him start it up again. 0__0